Addiction Treatment – Cutting Through the BS and Presenting What Works in Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Concerning addiction treatment, everybody seems to have an opinion on how to stop using drugs and alcohol. The problem is there are too many opinions.If you fall, land on your arm, experience pain and see bone sticking out, it would be an obvious fact your arm is broken. Go to a hospital and there is about a 100% certainty your bone would be set and a [...]

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Drug and Alcohol Relapse Prevention – Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Best Results

Smoking cigarettes can greatly increase the risk of returning to drug and alcohol use.There is a growing body of evidence provided by research studies that shows that [...]

Tips on How to Go About the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Process

After the great achievement of starting the substance free life comes one other very delicate part of the journey to complete drug and alcohol rehab. Let's agree on the [...]